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Food Hygiene Ratings from Rosewell

4 Food Hygiene Inspections for Rosewell.

Most recent inspection updated on 5th November, 2018.

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Premises Name Address Rating Rating Date Type
Rosewell Church Rosewell Church 156 Carnethie Street Rosewell, Midlothian, EH24 9DN Pass 13th February, 2018 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Rosewell Miners Bowling Club 24 Gorton Road Rosewell, Midlothian, EH24 9AF Pass 5th November, 2018 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
St Matthews Church St Matthews Roman Catholic Church 36 Carnethie Street Rosewell, Midlothian, EH24 9AT Pass 5th April, 2018 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Whitehill Welfare Football Club 43 Carnethie Street Rosewell, Midlothian, EH24 9AP Pass 24th January, 2018 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
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