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Food Hygiene Ratings from Leith

23 Food Hygiene Inspections for Leith.

Most recent inspection updated on 17th January, 2024.

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Premises Name Address Rating Rating Date Type
Bandits Burgers 6 Manderston Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8LY Pass 30th August, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Caffe Maradona 5-7 Montgomery Street, Edinburgh, EH7 5JU Improvement Required 18th October, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Costa Coffee Moray Park, Edinburgh, EH7 5TS Pass 17th October, 2022 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Costa Coffee 8-9 Newkirkgate, Edinburgh, EH6 6AD Pass 21st November, 2022 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Doorstep Deli 36 Seafield Road, Edinburgh, EH6 7LQ Pass 22nd November, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Events and Catering Scotland 64 Jane Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5HG Pass 18th February, 2022 Other catering premises
Guidos Proper Fish and Chips 16 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5LA Improvement Required 25th October, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Heron 87-91a Henderson Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6ED Pass 5th January, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Irish Dude Coffee and Food 51 Ocean Drive, Edinburgh, EH6 6BH Awaiting Inspection 27th August, 2021 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Mario Patisserie 27-28 Henderson Gardens, Edinburgh, EH6 6BX Pass 20th September, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Nott 13 Crighton Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4NY Pass 29th November, 2022 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Ocean Mist Leith 14 Shore, Edinburgh, EH6 6QN Awaiting Inspection 1st October, 2021 Pub / bar / nightclub
Oceans Cafe 98 Ocean Drive, Edinburgh, EH6 6JJ Awaiting Inspection 2nd March, 2022 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Pizza Pakwan 126 Duke Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8HR Pass 31st May, 2022 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Sebs Urban Jungle 187-189 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8NX Pass 30th November, 2022 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Alibi Cafe 13 East Norton Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5DR Awaiting Inspection 11th December, 2021 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Bearded Baker 4-6 Anderson Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5NP Awaiting Inspection 14th June, 2021 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Coffee Store Leith 94 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5HB Pass 2nd November, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
The Funnel Cake Co 57 Broughton Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4EX Pass 1st March, 2023 Other catering premises
The Little Chartroom 14 Bonnington Road, Edinburgh, EH6 5JD Pass 17th January, 2024 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Sconery 127 Lochend Gardens, Edinburgh, EH7 6DF Awaiting Inspection 14th October, 2021 Other catering premises
Turkish Street Food 58 Elm Row, Edinburgh, EH7 4AQ Improvement Required 29th November, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Victor Hugo Deli The Shore 38 Shore, Edinburgh, EH6 6QU Pass 1st March, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen