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Food Hygiene Ratings from Lasswade

8 Food Hygiene Inspections for Lasswade.

Most recent inspection updated on 6th May, 2024.

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Premises Name Address Rating Rating Date Type
Dobbies Restaurant Dobbies Garden Centres Plc Melville Nurseries, Lasswade, EH18 1AZ Pass 14th February, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Esk Valley Table Table Table Table Restaurant Melville Dykes Road, Lasswade, Midlothian, EH18 1AN Pass 18th May, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Laird And Dog Hotel Laird And Dog Hotel 5 High Street, Lasswade, Midlothian, EH18 1NA Pass 9th August, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Lasswade Trough Edinburgh and Lasswade Riding Centre Kevock Road, Lasswade, EH18 1HX Pass 4th July, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Melville Castle Hotel Melville Castle, Lasswade, EH18 1AP Pass 6th May, 2024 Hotel / bed & breakfast / guest house
Melville Inn Melville Inn From Melville Nurseries To A772 Gilmerton Road, Lasswade, Midlothian, EH18 1AR Pass 3rd March, 2023 Pub / bar / nightclub
Polton Inn Polton Inn Polton Road, Lasswade, EH18 1BS Pass 13th February, 2023 Pub / bar / nightclub
The Paper Mill The Old Mill 2 - 4 West Mill Road, Lasswade, EH18 1LX Pass 4th May, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen