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Food Hygiene Ratings from Kirkliston

13 Food Hygiene Inspections for Kirkliston.

Most recent inspection updated on 21st November, 2023.

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Premises Name Address Rating Rating Date Type
Cake Stop 50 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH29 9FQ Pass 20th May, 2016 Other catering premises
Carlowrie Castle Boathouse Bridge Road, Edinburgh, EH29 9ES Pass 21st November, 2023 Hotel / bed & breakfast / guest house
Conifox Nurseries and Cafe Foxhall, Edinburgh, EH29 9ER Pass 5th September, 2019 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
CONTINENTAL QUATTRO STAGIONI Unit 8 &33 Royal Elizabeth Yard, Edinburgh, EH29 9EN Pass 18th February, 2016 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Ficos Bistro 15 Main Street, Edinburgh, EH29 9AE Pass 23rd November, 2022 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Fourways Fish Bar 27 Main Street, Edinburgh, EH29 9AE Pass 24th August, 2022 Takeaway / sandwich shop
HuffnPuff 104 Main Street, Edinburgh, EH29 9AD Pass 20th January, 2016 Other catering premises
Kirkliston Bowling Club Bowling Green Road, Edinburgh, EH29 9BG Pass 26th January, 2006 Pub / bar / nightclub
KIRKLISTON COMMUNITY CENTRE 18a Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH29 9AQ Pass 27th April, 2010 Other catering premises
Kirkliston Community Church 70 Main Street, Edinburgh, EH29 9AB Pass 20th September, 2012 Other catering premises
Kirkliston Parish Church The Square, Edinburgh, EH29 9AX Pass 18th September, 2019 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Lucky House 35 Main Street, Edinburgh, EH29 9AE Pass 19th April, 2023 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Mum Makes Cakes 16 Manse Road, Edinburgh, EH29 9DJ Pass 11th January, 2021 Other catering premises