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Food Hygiene Ratings from Healing

24 Food Hygiene Inspections for Healing.

Most recent inspection updated on 5th October, 2023.

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Premises Name Address Rating Rating Date Type
Alexanders Plaice Station Road, Healing, DN41 7RB 4 (Good) 11th April, 2019 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Busy Doing Baking Mill Farm Cottages, Riby Road, DN41 8BU Awaiting inspection 22nd October, 2021 Other catering premises
Catch a Bite Redwood Park Industrial Estate, Kiln Lane, Stallingborough, DN41 8TH 5 (Very Good) 3rd October, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Europa Caf and Shop 16 Europa Way, Stallingborough, DN41 8DS 5 (Very Good) 24th May, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Healing and District Mens Social Club Rookery Road, Healing, DN41 7PS 5 (Very Good) 16th January, 2019 Pub / bar / nightclub
Healing Manor Hotel Stallingborough Road, Healing, DN41 7QF 5 (Very Good) 17th August, 2022 Other catering premises
Healing Pizza and Grill Station Road, Healing, DN41 7RB Awaiting inspection 29th June, 2022 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Infuso British Legion the Royal British Legion, Oak Road, DN41 7RN 5 (Very Good) 22nd September, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Jos Kitchen Kia Distribution Centre, Kiln Lane, Stallingborough, DN41 8DQ 5 (Very Good) 12th March, 2020 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Keelby Sports Association Sports Ground, Stallingborough Road, Keelby, DN41 8DH Exempt 5th April, 2004 Other catering premises
LGM Catering South Marsh Road, Stallingborough, DN41 8DB 5 (Very Good) 11th July, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Morrison Staff Canteen International Seafoods Limited Wm Morrison Supermarkets Limited Staff ca Lakeside Europarc, Healing, DN37 9TW 5 (Very Good) 5th October, 2023 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Nags Head 8 Manor Street, Keelby, DN41 8EF 5 (Very Good) 4th August, 2017 Pub / bar / nightclub
Orchard Barn Health Hut Station Road, Stallingborough, DN41 8AJ 5 (Very Good) 25th October, 2021 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Snak Attack Kiln Lane, Stallingborough, DN41 8DQ 5 (Very Good) 21st March, 2019 Mobile caterer
Stallingborough Grange Hotel Riby Road, Stallingborough, DN41 8BU 5 (Very Good) 30th August, 2018 Hotel / bed & breakfast / guest house
Stallingborough Village Hall Village Hall, Station Road, Stallingborough, DN41 8AX Exempt 15th March, 2017 Other catering premises
Stallingborough Village Store Station Road, Stallingborough, DN41 8AY 5 (Very Good) 11th February, 2022 Other catering premises
The Edge Keelby Methodist Church, Yarborough Road, Keelby, DN41 8HX 5 (Very Good) 3rd December, 2014 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Green Man Station Road, Stallingborough, DN41 8AP 5 (Very Good) 7th March, 2019 Pub / bar / nightclub
The Hunger Cafe Ltd TA The Hunger Cafe Europa Way, Stallingborough, DN41 8DS 5 (Very Good) 5th November, 2019 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Olde Farmhouse Inn Stallingborough Road, Little London Stallingborough, DN41 8BL 4 (Good) 23rd December, 2016 Pub / bar / nightclub
The Royal British Legion Portman Hall, Oak Road, Healing, DN37 7RN 5 (Very Good) 18th June, 2018 Pub / bar / nightclub
W M Morrison PLC Staff Canteen Unit 5, Pegasus Way, Healing, DN37 9TS 5 (Very Good) 17th November, 2022 Restaurant / cafe / canteen