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Food Hygiene Ratings from Aboyne

35 Food Hygiene Inspections for Aboyne.

Most recent inspection updated on 27th June, 2022.

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Premises Name Address Rating Rating Date Type
Aberdeen Arms Hotel 31 The Square, Tarland, AB34 4TX Pass 3rd April, 2018 Pub / bar / nightclub
Aboyne After School Club Aboyne Academy, Bridgeview Road, Aboyne, AB34 5JN Pass 9th February, 2010 Other catering premises
Aboyne Golf Club Golf Road, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5HP Pass 30th May, 2006 Pub / bar / nightclub
Aboyne Primary School Bridgeview Road, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5JN Pass 2nd October, 2019 Other catering premises
Aboyne Rising 3s ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCIL, Deeside Community Education Centre, Bridgeview Road, AB34 5JN Pass 22nd May, 2013 Other catering premises
Aboyne Dinnet Church Hall Huntly Road, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5HE Exempt 24th October, 2001 Other catering premises
Angies Cafe 27 The Square, Tarland, AB34 4TX Pass 23rd July, 2018 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Commercial Hotel 19 The Square, Tarland, AB34 4TX Pass 28th September, 2011 Hotel / bed & breakfast / guest house
Coo Cathedral Aboyne Castle, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5JP Exempt 11th April, 2006 Other catering premises
Corner House Ballater Road, Aboyne, AB34 5HT Pass 4th February, 2019 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Deeside Activity Park Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5BD Pass 26th April, 2019 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Deeside Gliding Club Aboyne Airfield, Dinnet, Aboyne, AB34 5LB Exempt 27th October, 2005 Pub / bar / nightclub
Dinnies Fish And Chips Viewfield, Charlestown Road, Aboyne, AB34 5EJ Pass 21st February, 2017 Mobile caterer
Douneside House Tarland, Aberdeenshire, AB34 4UL Pass 31st March, 2022 Other catering premises
E W Pepper Ltd Mill Of Dess, Dess, Aboyne, AB34 5BE Pass 10th April, 2018 Other catering premises
Golden House 38 North Deeside Road, Kincardine O'Neil, Aboyne, AB34 5AA Pass 27th June, 2022 Other catering premises
Heugh head Mill B and B Deeside Road, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5JE Pass 13th June, 2012 Other catering premises
Horseback UK Ltd Ferrar, Dinnet, Aboyne, AB34 5LD Pass 15th September, 2015 Other catering premises
Huntly Arms Hotel Charlestown Road, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5HS Pass 12th June, 2018 Hotel / bed & breakfast / guest house
Kincardine ONeil Bowling Club Pavilion, North Deeside Road, Kincardine O'neil, AB34 5AZ Exempt 23rd May, 2011 Pub / bar / nightclub
Loch Kinord Hotel Dinnet, Aboyne, AB34 5LW Pass 9th July, 2019 Other catering premises
Logie Coldstone Primary School Logie Coldstone, Tarland, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5PQ Pass 1st December, 2005 Other catering premises
Love Laura Lane Hoyt Toyt Tea Shop, 27 North Deeside Road, Kincardine O'neil, AB34 5AA Pass 21st February, 2017 Other catering premises
Lys Na Greyne Rhu-na-haven Road, Aboyne, AB34 5JD Awaiting Inspection 15th June, 2021 Hotel / bed & breakfast / guest house
Refined Airedale Lounge, Logie Coldstone, Tarland, AB34 5PQ Pass 31st March, 2014 Other catering premises
Shahs Fish And Chips Units 7 And 8, Station Square, Aboyne, AB34 5HX Awaiting Inspection 2nd July, 2020 Takeaway / sandwich shop
Tarland Golf Club Aberdeen Road, Tarland, AB34 4TB Pass 24th November, 2021 Pub / bar / nightclub
Tarland Tearooms 27 The Square, Tarland, Aberdeenshire, AB34 4TX Awaiting Inspection 2nd November, 2021 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Tea on The Dee Alzheimer Scotland, Station Square, Aboyne, AB34 5JG Pass 5th September, 2013 Other catering premises
The Airedale Logie Coldstone, Tarland, AB34 5PQ Awaiting Inspection 25th February, 2020 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Blackface Sheep Ltd Ballater Road, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5HN Pass 26th April, 2019 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Boat Inn Charlestown Road, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5EL Pass 20th March, 2018 Pub / bar / nightclub
The Lodge on The Loch Aboyne Loch Golf Centre, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5BR Pass 24th November, 2021 Other catering premises
The White Cottage White Cottage, Dess, Aboyne, AB34 5BP Pass 14th June, 2019 Other catering premises
World Horse Welfare Belwade, Dess, Aboyne, AB34 5BJ Pass 24th January, 2019 Restaurant / cafe / canteen