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Inspector ShowMe

Stay COVID safe with Inspector ShowMe - our comprehensive remote digital inspection platform. Whilst focused primarily on Food Hygiene, many other types of inspection can also be undertaken.

Inspector ShowMe enables inspectors to:

  • Securely schedule a Digital Intervention
  • Notify target
  • Authenticate contacts
  • Provide target with information and support to enable preparation
  • Enable secure upload of digital documentation prior to the visit
  • Establish a video dialogue in a secure framework without software installation
  • Invite up to three additional colleagues to remotely join an assessment
  • Capture the entire intervention
  • Capture annotated photographic evidence
  • Issue assessment report and rectification letters
  • Quickly conduct revisit inspections


Unlike video meeting tools, no software is loaded onto either the target’s phone or the Inspector’s PC. There isn’t anything to configure nor is anything left behind afterwards. And therefore it works first time, every time (provided, of course you both have a network).

Inspector Showme is a tool which operates entirely separately from your back office system. No integration is required. Once the intervention and any rectification work are completed, only the necessary evidence is saved digitally. Everything else is purged.

The potential savings

Inspector Showme provides an effective regulatory tool not only during the COVID response, but on into the future. It will save on PPE, travel time, travel costs and carbon footprint. It can provide all the required data in digital form which is then saved to back office systems paperlessly -without further scanning or photocopying.

See it in action here:

To find out more, contact us at Sales AT Transparencydata DOT co DOT uk