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Food Hygiene Ratings from Rushcliffe Borough Council

We currently have Food Hygiene inspection results for 870 premises from Rushcliffe Borough Council.

We last imported inspections from Rushcliffe Borough Council on 16th July, 2024.

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Tel: 0115 981 9911
Address: Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre
Rectory Road, West Bridgford

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Recent Changes

Premises Name Rating Rating Date Type
Concessions/Mobile/Pop Up/Outlets Exempt 12th July, 2024 Mobile caterer
Belvoir Hotel Steak And Curry 5 (Very Good) 11th July, 2024 Hotel / bed & breakfast / guest house
Methodist Centre 5 (Very Good) 8th July, 2024 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Flour And Fern Ltd 5 (Very Good) 2nd July, 2024 Retailers - other
Uncle James Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 5 (Very Good) 25th June, 2024 Takeaway / sandwich shop
You Pick We Mix 5 (Very Good) 19th June, 2024 Retailers - other
Bunny Lunch Bunch 5 (Very Good) 13th June, 2024 Retailers - other
Morrisons Daily 5 (Very Good) 11th June, 2024 Retailers - supermarkets / hypermarkets
Notty BaBa 5 (Very Good) 7th June, 2024 Farmers / growers
Tokin 5 (Very Good) 7th June, 2024 Manufacturers / packers
Phoenix Rose Candy Corner 5 (Very Good) 7th June, 2024 Retailers - other
The Pantry Deli And Tea Lounge 5 (Very Good) 6th June, 2024 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Retro Sugar Rush Ltd 5 (Very Good) 4th June, 2024 Retailers - other
Jimmy's Scran Van 5 (Very Good) 22nd May, 2024 Mobile caterer
Poblano Eatery Ltd 5 (Very Good) 22nd May, 2024 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
The Galactic Empire Ltd 5 (Very Good) 16th May, 2024 Mobile caterer
Bespoke Catering Services 5 (Very Good) 15th May, 2024 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
AMS Bakes Ltd 5 (Very Good) 13th May, 2024 Farmers / growers
Cake Cravings By Ash 5 (Very Good) 9th May, 2024 Manufacturers / packers
Nice N Cheesy 5 (Very Good) 8th May, 2024 Mobile caterer
Something Nice \& Nice Pie 5 (Very Good) 12th June, 2024 Retailers - other
Smith & Wright Coffee Co Exempt 24th April, 2024 Retailers - other
Tasty Bites 5 (Very Good) 24th April, 2024 Farmers / growers
Martins Arms 3 (Generally Satisfactory) 24th April, 2024 Restaurant / cafe / canteen
Meating In Progress 5 (Very Good) 20th April, 2024 Mobile caterer