Scores on the Doors

Showing 22 premises for Northumberland County Council

A Amble Food Bank
Percy Street, Amble, Northumberland

7 Apr 2022

5 (Very Good)
B Bedlington Foodbank
Front Street West, Bedlington, Northumberland NE22 5TZ

14 Feb 2023

5 (Very Good)
C Blyth Food Bank
1 Seaforth Street, Blyth, Northumberland NE24 1AY

17 Apr 2023

5 (Very Good)
D Cramlington Food Bank
Forum Way, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 6SJ

9 Aug 2022

5 (Very Good)
E Gilchrist Confectionery Limited
4c Willowtree Industrial Estate, Alnwick, Northumberland NE66 2HA

10 Sep 2021

5 (Very Good)
F New Hartley Food Pantry & H.O.P.E
St Michaels Avenue, New Hartley, Northumberland NE25 0RP

18 Oct 2023

5 (Very Good)
G Northumbrian Sausage Co
Wark, Northumberland, NE48 3DX

23 Aug 2018

5 (Very Good)
H Olive Store
Southside, Matfen, Northumberland NE20 0RP

14 Feb 2020

5 (Very Good)
I Seaton Delaval Food Hub
Elsdon Avenue, Seaton Delaval, Northumberland NE25 0BW

16 Feb 2022

5 (Very Good)
J Thompsons Of Prudhoe Ltd
Princess Way, Prudhoe, Northumberland NE42 6PL

7 Mar 2022

5 (Very Good)
K Caterpak Ltd
Double Row, Seaton Delaval, Northumberland NE25 0PP

23 Aug 2023

3 (Generally Satisfactory)
L Allan Garcia Ltd
45 The Riggs, Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5JX

16 Oct 2023

M A M & P H Barnes
Wark, Northumberland, NE48 3DL

18 Jun 2019

N Bari Tea Brewery
6d Coquet Enterprise Park, Amble, Northumberland NE65 0PE

12 May 2021

O Bays Leap Dairy Farm
Heddon-On-The-Wall, Northumberland, NE15 0JW

24 Sep 2021

P Clarence Spirits Ltd
1 Grange Close, South Beach, Blyth NE24 3HS

17 Jun 2021

Q Dark Sky Sleepovers
Mickley, Northumberland, NE43 7BZ

27 Aug 2021

R Haining Head Farm
Bellingham, Northumberland, NE48 2HZ

18 Jul 2023

S Harper & Willow Ltd T/A Disturbia
Baker Road, Nelson Park West, Cramlington NE23 1WQ

17 Sep 2019

T Quality Fayre
Coopies Field, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 6JT

28 Jan 2022


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