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Showing 15 premises for Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

A Premier Inn
Newhey Road, Milnrow, Lancashire OL16 3NP
Rating - 5 - Elite
B Castleton Hotel - B&B Temporary accomodation
The Castleton Hotel, Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire OL11 2XX
5 (Very Good)
C Dick Whittingtons Guest house
31 Oldham Road, Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 1UA
5 (Very Good)
D Molesworth Hotel
80 Molesworth Street, Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 2AW
5 (Very Good)
E Moss Lodge Hotel
Moss Lodge, Kings Road, Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 5HW
5 (Very Good)
F Norton Grange Hotel
Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire OL11 2XZ
5 (Very Good)
Oakdene B'n'B
5 (Very Good)
G Petrus Housing
81 Falinge Road, Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 6LB
5 (Very Good)
H S.T.S. Respite
Harelands House, Samson Street, Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 2XW
5 (Very Good)
I Travelodge Rochdale
Sandbrook Way, Rochdale, OL11 1RY
5 (Very Good)
J Hollingworth Lake B & B
164 Smithy Bridge Road, Littleborough, Lancashire OL15 0DB
4 (Good)
K The Sanctuary Trust
Halsall House, 78a Tweedale Street, Rochdale, Lancashire OL11 3TZ
4 (Good)
L Travelodge
Travelodge Hotel Eastbound, Whittle Lane, Middleton, Manchester OL10 2QH
4 (Good)
M Park View Restaurant and Bar
The Broadfield Hotel, Sparrow Hill, Rochdale, Lancashire OL16 1AF
2 (Improvement Necessary)
N Fernhill B & B
Fern Hill Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 6BW
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