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Showing 25 premises for London Borough of Lewisham

A Ben Pearson
Second Floor Unit 19, 10 Elizabeth Industrial Estate, Juno Way, London SE14 5RW

22 Nov 2018

5 (Very Good)
B Bromley Borough Foodbank
Unit 3 Ashgrove Industrial Estate, Ashgrove Road, Bromley BR1 4JW

26 Jul 2023

5 (Very Good)
C Deliveroo SP Ltd
Units, 3-4 Dulwich Business Centre, Malham Road, Forest Hill SE23 1AG

9 Jan 2023

5 (Very Good)
Ebony Status

24 Oct 2017

5 (Very Good)
D Getir
4 Bellingham Trading Estate, Franthorne Way, Catford, London SE6 3BX

18 Oct 2021

5 (Very Good)
E Jones of Brockley Ltd
Unit 21, Brockley Cross Business Centre, Endwell Road, London

30 Jul 2021

5 (Very Good)
F Lee Greens Lewisham
Kingswood Hall, Kingswood Place, London SE13 5BU

11 Oct 2018

5 (Very Good)
G London Drinks Ltd
5 Enterprise Industrial Estate, Bolina Road, London SE16 3LF

25 Jan 2024

5 (Very Good)
H M W Capture
6 Enterprise Industrial Estate, Bolina Road, London SE16 3LF

7 May 2021

5 (Very Good)
I Out Reach
New Testament Church Of God, Bawtree Road, London SE14 6ET

26 Jan 2024

5 (Very Good)
J The Tinned Fish Market
Unit, 7 Block C Juno Enterprise Centre, Juno Way, London SE14 5RW

22 Nov 2023

5 (Very Good)
K Nickys African Food
Nickys African Foods, 142 New Cross Road, London SE14 5BA

27 Oct 2022

3 (Generally Satisfactory)
L Samrigya Cash & Carry
126 Hither Green Lane, Hither Green, London SE13 6QA

5 Jan 2024

3 (Generally Satisfactory)
M Pie N Mash Mutual Aid
385 Queens Road, London, SE14 5HD

1 Feb 2024

1 (Major Improvement Necessary)
N Bon Marche Wine (PHPPERS) Ltd.
Bon Marche Unit 5, Broomsleigh Business Park, Worsley Bridge Road, Bellingham SE26 5BN

19 Oct 2016

O CC Foundation Food Bank
18 Eltham Road, London, SE12 8TF

10 Jun 2024

4 (Good)
P Euro Wines Cash & Carry Ltd
Eurowines Cash & Carry Ltd, Ground Floor Units, 5-9 Creekside, London SE8 4SA

11 Jan 2018

Q Evelyn Community Store
Evelyn Community Centre, 1 Kingfisher Square, Clyde Street, London SE8 5TW

20 Aug 2019

R Georges Barbier Of London Ltd
Rear Of, 267 Lee High Road, London SE12 8RU

25 Jan 2017

S Life Giving Project, Christ Embassy
Pepys Community Library Service Pepys, Old Library, Deptford Strand, London SE8 3BA

22 Apr 2022


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