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Showing 6 premises for Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

A Holiday Inn Express
Ribblers Lane, Knowsley, Knowsley L34 9HA
5 (Very Good)
B Suites Hotel
Ribblers Lane, Knowsley Business Park, Knowsley L34 9HA
5 (Very Good)
C Trentham B&B
37 Trentham Road, Westvale, Kirkby, Knowsley L32 4UB
5 (Very Good)
D Village Hotel And Leisure
Fallows Way, Whiston, Knowsley L35 1RZ
5 (Very Good)
E Derby Lodge Hotel
Roby Road, Roby, Knowsley L36 4HD
Awaiting inspection
F Kirkby Park B&B
Bed And Breakfast, 4 Deerbolt Way, Kirkby Park, Kirkby L32 2BT
Awaiting inspection
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