Scores on the Doors
Food Hygiene Ratings

1. Reporting and Analysis Service

For major food retailers we offer the ability to match and classify your (and competitors) outlets.

This enables you to manage your complaince and receive regular Excel reports covering the following areas:

  • Closed down report
  • Yo-yo report
  • Competitor benchmark report
  • Not registered report
  • Under 3 report
  • Up and Down Report
  • Regional scores report
  • Council performance report
  • Panorama report
  • Critical Alert
  • Inspections due report
  • Overdue update report
  • History report
  • Regional report and regional alert
  • League table report
  • Invalid data report

All alerts reports can be automatically burst to the relevant manager according to your internal hierarchical management structure.

"We find the reporting tool very useful and critical to our long term KPI management"
Head of Food Safety, Major UK Pub Chain.

2. Low cost SME service

For medium sized independent chains...

  • Portfolio creation
  • Premises reports sorted by compliance score
  • Top 6 competitor benchmarking report
  • Notifications of premises with impending inspection visits
  • Yoyo report